Lynn Moore on the Fill To Capacity Podcast

Published: November 22, 2023

Written By: Acres For LIfe

Our own Lynn Moore appeared on the Fill To Capacity podcast back in September!

Step into the world of equine therapy, guided by the inspiring Lynn Moore, CEO of Acres for Life Therapy & Wellness Center. Listen to Lynn’s own transformative tale, one marked by mental health struggles and search for meaningful connection.

Take a virtual tour of Acres sprawling, verdant pastures where horses – each with a personality as diverse and layered as the humans they help- become mirrors to the soul.

Here, an old horse like Chief, once forgotten, brings a prickly man face to face with his own potential for change.  Explore the mysterious non-verbal connections that form when horse and human interact. Learn how Acres For Life uplifts its community and hear first-hand how this therapy packs a punch, rewriting life stories one hoof-beat at a time.


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