Put All The Pieces Together!

Make your dream a reality incorporating horses into your mental health practice with Acres For Life’s Professionals In Residence Program.

Running a successful mental health equine practice can be done. We’ve proven it!

“Since I tend to learn most with visual learning, this program helped combine the head knowledge of training with the hands on experience I needed to tie it all together.”
-Kim H.

Are you feeling like…

you can’t make a real go of
your mental health equine practice?


Tired of the frustration in building a strong team?


It seems impossible to be a profitable equine business.


The struggling to make ends meet wears you down.


And attracting new clients? It’s exhausting.

We get it. We’ve been there. Learn from us.

What Does It Take?

Don’t waste time, money, and resources reinventing the wheel.
Work with Acres and have a proven team step alongside you.

Running a successful mental health equine practice can be difficult… if you don’t know the ropes.

It can leave you wondering if you are really cut out for it.

For over 20 years, Acres for Life has has served thousands of clients in all areas of mental health.

Work with an organization who has a proven track record and expertise as both a mental health equine practice and in training others to be successful.

Feel Inspired…

We offer in-depth, hands-on training in all aspects of the business so that you know how to apply all the equine skills you’ve learned. Feel confident that you are on the right track to live your dream of having a thriving practice and make the impact you came here to make.

Be supported by a successful mental health equine organization who is committed to your success.

“ACRES gives such an incredible insight into trust and how to genuinely ‘connect’ with others.”

Niva S.

“Your staff was awesome and your time management boundaries have already spilled over into my personal life. Thank you so much for this program!”

Jennifer F.

“Just wanted to write a note to thank you for offering your Acres for Business Professional Residency Program. It was just what I needed to feel ready to plunge forth into our own equine therapy program.”

Dawn S.

“These two sessions have helped me more than anything I’ve done in the past 10 years!”

Denise W.

“Since I tend to learn most with visual learning, this program helped combine the head knowledge of training with the hands on experience I needed to tie it all together.”

Kim H.

The Acres Advantage

Professionals In Residence Program
In-Person or Remote


For mental health therapists, counselors or social workers, come experience our flagship program and up-level your practice. Join us at our beautiful farm on 60 acres, and engage in specialized hands-on training with our operations.

Get what you need to make your program successful, in real-time.

Learn Telehealth!

The Acres Team are seasoned professionals of remote mental health care and training. Even when you can’t be directly with the horses, the therapy model works!

  • Learn how to get started with Telehealth in your practice.
  • Hone Your Skills and insure your client’s success.
  • How to be in the moment with your clients even through Zoom.

Thrive in this new way of doing business.

Acres For Life

Join a team who walks the talk, who believes in you, and who embraces you as part of the Acres family.

Don’t go this alone.

Move your career forward with confidence.

Understand how to apply the skills you’ve learned to build your own program’s success.

Studies show the presence of horses in a mental health setting has a positive impact on people’s ability to regain control of their lives.

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Transform Your Life

Why Invest In Yourself?


Being exhausted trying to make a living and have a life is no fun. But it’s even worse when you are afraid you will never make the difference you came here to make.


Pause for a moment… think about the impact you’ve already made on those whose lives you’ve changed forever with your gifts.


We too have a heartfelt passion to share this work with others. And we are ready to share our knowledge, our experience, and our unwavering belief that you too, can create a program with the impact you dream of.

Go ahead.

Step into the impossible and do what others say can’t be done.

We’re cheering you all the way!

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