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Achieve sustainable and positive transformative change in your life.

Come find the courage and
finally let go of the past.

Are you ready
to be free from…

the rampant emotions?

the wear and tear of difficult relationships?

the stress and feeling repeatedly triggered?

self-doubt and feeling down?

the struggle of trying to hold it all together?

Come to Acres and make meaning out of your experiences.
Regain control of your life.

Not Just Another Therapy Session…

See what others say about their experiences

“I don’t know how it works but there has definitely been a shift in me. I have been able to get in touch with things from the war that I haven’t really been able to deal with. After a few sessions I feel like I have connected with things that months’ worth of other therapy hadn’t been able to touch. The people closest to me can really see a difference. Thank you…”
– Dan W.

“All I know is there is something ‘magical’ about those animals. How they sense our feelings and react as such. Not only are they beautiful and intelligent, they are insightful and gentle. It worked for me! Thank you so much.”
– Lisa R.

“These two sessions have helped me more than anything I’ve done in the past 10 years!
– Denise W.

Acres For Life

Over 20 years of expertise serving you or your loved ones who are struggling.

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First Responders



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Suicidal Thoughts




Mortal Combat Injury


Eating Disorders

and much more.

Why Acres?

Carrying the burden of the past can be incredibly difficult.

Your relationships, your work, your happiness, all leaving you feeling tired, and even angry.

But who wants to talk to a stranger about intimate details of your life?

– or many times, we can’t even find the words.

We hear you. We see you.
We’ve been there ourselves.
We understand.

Recover from difficult life events.
Come to terms & find peace.

Incorporating horses in the traditional mental health field is revolutionary.

This effective approach to wellness and healing is guided by your facilitation team: a mental health professional, an equine specialist, and the horses – all equal partners.

Get to the bottom of your issues, even when nothing else has worked.

Safely address what has held you back for too long.

At Acres for Life, get answers you trust.

Create that new chapter in your life.

For over 20 years, we have seen miracle after miracle for those suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction and PTSD.

It’s been a powerful journey to see how the horses, and our team, bring you to understanding and self-awareness — and that it occurs so naturally.

They offer you an opening to discover new ways of gently connecting.

Leave feeling confident and strong.

No matter what your situation.

“Acres is a place where the impossible
meets the possible.”
-Lynn Moore

Acres For Life

A Place to Retreat to.

“I have been to so many therapists over the years. Nothing ever worked.
This work with horses helped me to hear my inner voice, become more clear on my path and priorities, and work out things that were holding me back.”
– Dan R.

“The horses, (and facilitators), were a part of the miracle in my life. My life has been transformed. I’m so grateful.”
– Fran P.

“I didn’t know that working with horses in this way could give such an incredible insight into trust and how to genuinely ‘connect’ with others. The PTSD episodes are getting less and less.”
– Benjamin T.

As so many of our clients say,

 “It’s different out here.”

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