Sponsor a Horse

Put simply, horses are large animals. Large animals = large costs. Sponsorships offer an opportunity to become involved with the community at Acres as well as helping with the costs of covering food, hay, veterinary care, farrier costs, and other monthly expenses related to horse care and other animal-related expenses.

Find a Horse

Every gift, no matter the shape or size, makes an impact on the lives of our animals who then help to transform the lives of our clients and further supports the sustainability that makes Acres all that it has become.

Sponsors are offered a unique opportunity to meet their sponsored horse and connect-given prior scheduling/confirmation (our horses have busy calendars!). Horse sponsorships can also be made in memory of or in honor of those we remember as well.

How Can You Help?

Suggested Monthly Donation


Base (this would roughly cover their hay costs for the month)


Base + Grain

$117 – 200

(Depending on the horse) “Full” Base + Grain + Farrier + Additional supplements/routine preventative care

Suggested Annual Donation


 Annual Base


Annual Base + Grain

$2100 – 2400

(Depending on the horse) Annual “Full” Base + Grain + Farrier + Additional supplements/routine preventative care

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