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Calling all horse lovers!

Our Sponsor A Horse program allows you to support Acres for Life while connecting you to one of our four-legged team members. Sponsorship includes a certificate with special details about your horse, stories of hope and healing and a scheduled visit to celebrate your horse’s birthday!

Pursue the Impossible
Re-Imagine Your World.

A unique approach to making a difference in people’s lives.

With Women Empowerment Programs, Mental Health Equine Business Immersions, and those who need support moving through life’s challenges.

Incorporating horses to help you take control of your life and change your outcomes.

“Acres for Life has given me such an incredible insight into trust and how to genuinely ‘connect’ with others… This deep work really helped me deepen my own understanding, and my ability to listen deeply in a way I had not experienced before.”
– Megan M.

Are You…


A mental health professional or an equine specialist feeling defeated with your practice?


Someone going through a difficult time in your life?


A leader who can’t seem to break through to the next level?

We can help you find the answers you need to move forward.

Work With Us

Therapy & Wellness

Acres for Life will guide you to find peace, feel accepted just as you are, and handle your life differently so you can express your true authenticity.

Training for Professionals

Work with an organization who has a proven track record as both a thriving mental health practice and in mentoring others to be successful.

Women’s Empowerment

Show up in your life and in your relationships with fresh perspectives. Build connection with those who matter – starting with yourself!

What Others Are Saying…

“This experience allowed me to think of the big picture outside the box. It forced me to look more deeply into my body language and how incongruent my feelings are. Now I understand how I can communicate to my team more clearly.”
– Christine D.

“The horses, (and facilitators), were a part of the miracle in my life. My life has been transformed. I’m so grateful.”
– Joe B

“Just wanted to write a note to thank you for offering your Acres for Business Professional Residency Program. It was just what I needed to feel ready to plunge forth into our own equine therapy program.”
– Dawn S.

“I loved this program. I felt at peace when I was in the pasture. I went home feeling renewed.”
– Laurie N.

“To hear my inner voice, become more clear on my path and priorities, and work out things that were not only holding me back has been priceless. Now I’m able to serve my team in a better way.”
– Megan M.

The Acres For Life Approach

Horses are highly sensitive to their environment and those around them.

Through interacting with horses, people work through their life struggles without feeling judgment or interpretation by another person.

A Unique Approach

A Mental Health Professional, an Equine Specialist, and the horses work as equal partners on your Acres for Life treatment team.
Whether you come for your own personal growth or to build your business, our approach has been proven to help get you there.
Through this team approach, you gain clarity into what’s not working in your life.

Beyond Talk Therapy

Find your own solutions. Recognize the truth behind situations in your life, and work through emotional barriers to create better outcomes in your life.
Incorporating horses into the therapeutic model creates a safe, non-judgemental space offering you lasting ways to solve difficult issues. Not just talking about necessary changes but making them.

High Professional Standards

Professionalism, ethics, and high standards are critical to any mental health or personal development program.

Acres for Life facilitators follow a highly specialized set of facilitation skills in order to provide the best possible care for you. Ongoing education and training ensures positive results.

Why Horses?

Horses are the perfect partner guiding you to look within
to find your own next right steps.

Intelligent Animals

Horses have evolved to be extremely sensitive to their environment because they are subject to predators. They instinctively analyze and react to our body language and other nonverbal cues and offer us valuable insights for other areas of our lives.

Large and Powerful

When approaching a horse, it’s hard to ignore their size and their presence. We see our relationships with others and ourselves in a new light.  We see how we can face other big or overwhelming things in our lives. A way that works when other therapies don’t. 

Distinct Personalities

Horses are herd animals and have distinct personalities and moods. They could be stubborn, reserved, or they could be playful and curious. As social animals, their unique sensitivites provide non-judgmental feedback. People find their own answers.

Studies show the presence of horses in a mental health setting has a positive impact on people’s ability to regain control of their lives.

We invite you to watch a story of what it’s like at Acres for Life 

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