Save Lives. Leave A Legacy.

With the mental health crisis upon us, your help is needed now more than ever. 

Legacy is love.

An Unparalleled Opportunity to Make a Difference.

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“The work being accomplished at Acres for Life is so incredible.
I usually do not contribute, but how can I not donate?!
So much good comes from this little piece of the world!
– Holly B.

A Mission to Believe In

Know your money is being spent responsibly.

Experience a sense of peace as you become part of the Acres Family.

Reap the tax benefits
and save lives.

Make an important contribution to both humans & horses.

Join our Acres for Life Family.

What We Stand For

Horses are the perfect partner guiding you to look within
to find your own next right steps.


We take our commitment to serving those in our care seriously. We strive every day to responsibly manage and be worthy of your support.


Experiencing peace and connection even in the struggles is an integral part of who we are. With grateful hearts we serve each and every human and horse that is a part of Acres for Life.


Do the right thing – our guiding principle. We believe in transparency – so that you know exactly where your donation is going, and how it is making a difference.


The unseen gift that enables us to step into the emotional darkness with each person, resting in an unshakable knowing that we are not alone.
This is what gives us strength.

The decision to contribute financially was easy after seeing what Acres was doing.”
– Cary B.

Humbled By The Work We Do


Over 20 years experience in facilitating equine-assisted Mental Health, & training other programs in the method.


We’ve helped thousands struggling with trauma, addiction, military combat sexual assault, life transitions, and more.


We open our arms to everyone, & have NEVER turned anyone away who is in need of help.

This is our mission in the world.

Miracles Happen Every Day

“We decided to contribute because Law enforcement and military families are near and dear to us; your work with them and unique approach made you a good match for our family.”

Mara B.

“The decision to contribute financially was easy after seeing what Acres was doing”

Cary B.

“So many people need help and traditional therapy methods don’t work for everyone.”

Amy F.

“Using the horses to reach and treat abused and neglected children was amazing to me.”

Jack W.

“We contributed because you are doing the work of our Lord. My wife and I have horses and we know what they are capable of when it comes to healing people’s spirit.”

Rick and Becky G.

“I believe in the power of equine therapy and want as many people to experience that power as possible”

Jennifer H.

No one wants to be treated
as just a money source.

At Acres for Life, we take stewardship, and you,
to heart, whatever you can give.

Help us save lives.

The Acres for Life Team Thanks You!

Support a mission you can believe in,
led by people you can trust.

Schedule a call to discuss options or donate online.

Our Wonderful Corporate Sponsors

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