An Intro to Acres for Life

by Michelle Koch

Have you ever heard a story that gave you goosebumps? Have you ever struggled to make sense of something? Have you ever found a cause you felt called to support? I recently found a place where all three of these things happened. I heard stories that were the most fascinating I’d ever heard. A place […]

The Lord is My Shepherd

by Sally Mixon

One of the most famous passages of Scripture is the 23rd Psalm, which starts “The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” On a personal level, this can feel untrue. I lack nothing? Really?! I can think of several things that I feel like I lack. When David wrote this, he was not inviting us […]

Two New Ways to Give That Don’t Cost You Anything!

by Sally Mixon

We’re excited to announce two new ways to give to Abijah’s Hope! Thrivent Choice Dollars If you’re a Thrivent member, you may qualify to direct some of Thrivent’s giving towards us! We are now on the list of organizations for you to choose from when you participate in the Thivent Choice program. iMyne Shopping We are […]

God’s Organization, God’s Faithfulness

by Sally Mixon

In the process of getting Abijah’s Hope up and running, there have been many obstacles. Money to raise, laws to abide by, accounts to set up, staff to hire. While I’m sure this is typical of any organization, one thing that has been incredibly clear through every new hurdle is God’s amazing faithfulness. Psalms 119:90 […]

Healing Horses

by Sally Mixon

Abijah’s Hope’s tagline is: Healing Horses, Healing People. Over the past several months, we’ve had the opportunity to take in 2 yearlings that needed a home and was blessed to have another beautiful mare (a white Arabian) donated from two incredible people.  God continues to bless and grow our herd! I would like to introduce these three beautiful […]

On the Farm

by Sally Mixon

One of the things that we love about being on a farm, is that we get to be in the beauty of nature constantly. We can find hope in that beauty, but more importantly, we can hear from God: “But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and […]

All Who Are Weary

by Sally Mixon

  At Abijah’s Hope,  we want to reflect the beckoning of Chirst: Come all who are weary… Do you need to find rest, refuge and hope? Contact us to begin the journey! Share this: