“All I know is there is something ‘magical’ about those animals.  How they sense our feelings and react as such.  Not only are they beautiful and intelligent.  They are insightful and gentle.  It worked for me!  Again, thank you so much.”

“I met a soul there that knew how to live,
In every breath she still carried a fire,
With gifts that she wanted to give,
Born from the spirit of a mare and her sire.” 

“Your program made tackling some not so easy topics doable! Now we share a common language from which to communicate more successfully.”

“I used to make choices without thinking of how they impacted others around me…I’ve learned to slow down, look around and think!”

“Thank you for a six week learning experience that I will treasure the rest of my life.  I had been skeptical about the potential benefits of such a program but it has made a phenomenal impact on my recovery.”

“This was a totally awesome learning experience that I will carry on through my life.  Thank you so much.”


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