What is EAGALA? Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and/or Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)  Both of which there is NO RIDING involved.   Unlike other equine therapeutic techniques everything is done on-the-ground!

The EAGALA Team: The Horse, an Equine Specialist, and a Licensed Therapist

IMG_5432Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Using EAGALA (an Experiential Model), we work with those struggling with at-risk behaviors (teens and or adults) such as:  Eating Disorders, Addictions (drugs and alcohol), Cutting, Depression and or Suicidal Ideation, Anger, Abuse/Trauma, Family Relations, etc. Using an arrangement of curriculum we can tailor your needs and or your client’s needs in reaching his/her goal(s). Breakthroughs are often seen in areas where classic therapy did not succeed. Typical sessions can take place in groups and or individually and consist anywhere between 1-3 hours/day to once a week for 1 hour. It truly depends on the situation and we will work with your counselor(s)/program to fit into the treatment plan at hand. After the EAGALA session, a space amidst our beautiful setting will be offered wanted/needed for the client(s) to journal and or debrief with his/her counselor. Contact us for pricing and to discuss your needs!