Abijah’s Hope is a one-stop resource for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (NO RIDING), Equine Training/Rehabilitating, Corporate Learning and Equine Experiences (NO RIDING), and Faith-based resources such as Retreats.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: When people here of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy they usually think of the physical benefits offered to individuals struggling from physical and or cognitive disabilities.  What we offer here is entirely different!  Using EAGALA (an Equine Experiential Model) we work with those struggling with at-risk behaviors such as eating disorders, addictions (drugs and alcohol), cutting, depression and or suicidal ideation, anger, family relations, etc. In this model everything is ON THE GROUND and thus NO RIDING is done.   Rather then sitting in a room talking to a therapist, come see what happens when you step into this healing opportunity!  What is EAGALA?

Equine Assisted Learning for Corporate and Not-for Profits: We work with you to meet your needs and create incredible learning opportunities using the on-the-ground EAGALA model!  Whether you want to work on communication, team-building, conflict resolution, etc.  you will NOT be disappointed!  We will work with you to fit your corporate learning and or retreat needs! We can do as much as you want in the planning or as little. We work for you!

Equine Training/Rehabilitating: Using a gentle approach Sally Mixon, an Equine Specialist, uses training techniques she has learned in her over 20 years of experience working with the horse. With these training techniques (some of which were designed by Monty Roberts; the original horse whisperer) and some by Linda Tellington-Jones (T-Touch) she is able to rehabilitate the horse giving him/her a healthy life, free from fear and anxiety. Read more about the equine training and rehabilitation services we offer.

Retreats: Faith-based, Schools, Teams, etcGo back in time and experience the beauty of a 100 year old property. Large or small, youth or adult groups are all welcome! Whether you camp out in our rustic, quaint barn, or just come for the day or evening, you won’t want to leave!