Several years ago, I personally dedicated myself, as well as our farm, to helping people heal through the connection with animals and nature. After many equine sessions later my commitment to providing Equine Assisted programs on a broader and larger level is even stronger than it was at that time. The overall goal of our program is to meet clients where they are and provide them with opportunities to reclaim and embrace what is rightfully theirs—their joy and happiness.

My dedication to this modality comes from being both a product of the power found in the human-animal bond as well as an observer of the profound awakenings that occur for individuals participating in our programs. My journey into the healing connection between animals and humans began over 40 years ago in a very informal, unconscious way.

As I reflect on those early days, there was seldom a time where a companion animal was not in my life. Most people were unaware of what was taking place through these relationships and discounted it—referring to me, nonchalantly, as an “animal lover.” It is now, a title I carry with pride; however, even years ago, I knew that there was something more—something deeper taking place when I was around animals. There was the unconditional acceptance and love consistently there for me during those trying junior high and high school years. There was the calming influence during times of family turmoil and the loss I felt when my father died. Throughout my adult life, animals have continued to help me through other major losses, career transitions, and broken relationships. Specifically, horses have taught me how to set healthy boundaries and to be in tune with what I’m feeling on the inside and displaying on the outside. They have guided me through very dark times in my life by their confident presence and steady, consistent feedback. This personal experience, along with the growing body of research documenting the power of this therapy and living my purpose, is what drives me to provide a safe place for individuals to experience the healing power of horses and to overcome obstacles keeping them from attaining all that life has to offer them. Thank you for your heartfelt support of our programs and services.

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