Birds of a Feather – 60 minutes –  Come and learn all about the amazing adaptations that make a bird a bird! Discover interesting facts and do fun activities such as: build a nest, sing in the bird chorus, and participate in a flapping contest! (Intended for Grades K – 6)

Quit Bugging Me! – 60 minutes  – Join us for a look at the fascinating world of Bugs! What makes a bug a bug and an insect an insect? Try and jump as far as a flea, or flap as fast as a midge! And learn really cool buggy trivia to share with your friends and family! (Intended for Grades K – 6)

Tremendous Trees – 60 minutes – Join us as we discover the amazing factory that is a tree! Find out how they work and what they do, identify common trees and learn how to measure them too! And of course do a fun tree craft! (Intended for Grades K – 6)

Starry Night – 60 minutes  – Learn how animal’s eyes and our eyes adjust to the night. Become familiar with some of the night sights and sounds, critters, and constellations! Bring bug spray but NO flashlights! (Intended for the whole family!)

Fun Naturally! – 60 minutes –  Hey Kids! Come and explore the world in a whole new way! Use all your senses, explore the world under your feet, play fun nature games and learn something new! (Intended for Grades K – 6)

Nature’s Nurtures – 60 minutes – Come learn about the people who lived here long ago and the way they worked with plants to provide for their health needs back before there were drive-thru pharmacies! (Intended for Grades 4 – 8)

CloudCasting – 60 minutes  – “What’s the weather supposed to be like today?” Come learn about clouds and all the amazing things they tell us about weather! Fun weather activities, interesting folklore and create your own amazingly accurate Weather Rock! (Intended for Grades K – 6)

I Think We Go This Way? – 60 minutes  – Come and learn all about orienteering! You will learn how to use a compass properly and get to practice too. Come and get unlost with us! (Intended for Grades K – 6)

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