The year was 1998…

Lynn Moore stood in the middle of the pasture in Chisago MN struggling through life’s pains, hurts, and transitions. Looking up after so many had left, her eye caught the four-leggers that stood so gracefully, so confidently, and so firmly as to say, “We aren’t leaving you, Lynn.” With tears in her eyes, she began dreaming…dreaming of what this place could be; a place of hope, healing, and transformation. And in 2001 Acres for Life was incorporated. Read Lynn’s full story.

Fifteen years later in 2016 Acres for Life was growing in ways Lynn could have never imagined! Miracles were taking place every day in the pastures of Chisago. However, room, time, and exhaustion of the staff was becoming evident in her eyes. She and her long time friend and employee, Heather Jeffery knew they could not continue to operate at this pace without help. Little did she know, God was moving in a young woman named Sally Mixon who, like Lynn, had her own past, her own story of healing with some four-leggers. See Sally’s full story here. In 2015 Sally started a non-profit called Abijah’s Hope in Stillwater, MN (just 40min south of Chisago). With Abijah’s having the same heart as Acres, God began opening up doors of conversation between Lynn and her. Through these breakfast chats over coffee and omelets, a friendship was born and a realization of the gifts each organization had was brought to light.  Acres needed what Abijah’s had, and what Abijah’s needed, Acres had. It was a perfect fit! As a result, Lynn and Sal decided to join forces to reach thousands by expanding Acres for Life as the non-profit and moving Abijah’s Hope to a for-profit LLC working in the racing industry; running for healing and transformation as well as creating a 2nd career for thoroughbreds to retire into; helping save lives through the Eagala model.

Today, Acres for Life and Abijah’s Hope Stables is located in Forest Lake, MN.  In what seemed like ‘a blink of an eye’ Lynn and Sal’s dreams doubled in size when the organizations merged onto a larger facility to meet the growing needs of so more individuals, families, veterans, etc.! Miracles do happen every single day. Come to Acres and you will see firsthand the power of His work.

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